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7pm Thursday 1st - ACT I: Paper Cloth
7pm Friday 2nd - ACT II: Charcoal Sketches
7pm Monday 5th - ACT III: Cutting and Sewing

7pm Tuesday 6th - ACT IV: Dressing and Concert

Materials like paper have intrinsic beauty.

Tactile things bring out our creativity.

They flow, crease and crackle, cutting away at the excess mental constrictions of a civilised life.

We become children again, exploring for the sake of it with a simple joy: our eyes, ears and sense or touch reawaken to the intricacies.

Damian Barbeler - Composer / Design Director
Tim Jetis - Design Director
Jane Sheldon - Soprano

Niki Johnstone - Percussion

Maija Skroza - Dress Maker

Artemis Wever-Jetis - Performer

Maggie Barbeler - Performer


Presented by Backstage Music as part of the

"Now You Hear Her" festival.

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