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Catalogue of Works


Selected Multimedia and Installation Works

Paper Planets (2022)

– 3D animation, bespoke physics engine and shaped analogue noise created with Jonathan Watson. Premiered at Clarity Engine for Backstage Music, Waterloo Sydney, Nov 6th 2022.

Scenes from the Bundian Way (2022)

– Multi media live concert for narrator, 5 players and video projections. This work celebrates "On Track" the book by John Blay on rediscovering the ancient Bundian Way, the path taken by the old people between Two Fold Bay on the south NSW coast and Mount Kosciusko. As preparation for the work Barbeler hiked in the southwest NSW bush filming spots along the track and composed his own musical response to the landscape. Piece premiered and including works by Eric Avery, Brenda Gifford and Katie Neal, in the 2022 Canberra International Music Festival, April 2022.

Pressed (2021)

– Live concert duet with projected video. Composed for Anna McMichael (violin) and Louise Devenish (percussion). Work features hi resolution images of plant specimens from the Victorian National Herbarium. Premiered as part of "Climate Notes" a show exploring ideas around scientist's feeling about climate change.

Piece for Accordion and Resonant Acoustic (2019)

– Composed for James Crabb and classical accordion, this is a site specific work designed to highlight the extraordinary character for the 90 meter ong Dangrove art storage facility.

Piece for Violin and Ball of Wool (2018)

– Work for violin solo interrupted by various uses of a ball of wool. Performed with Violinist Anna McMichael at Metropolis Festival, Melbourne Recital Hall.


Dots and Lines for Violin and Piano (2018)

– for live players with projected images and sound design. Premiered Backstage Music Series, Sydney July 2018.

The Sound Bubble (2016)
– Interactive Light and Sound installation including Artificial Intelligence in collaboration with John Taylor and others (VIVID Festival 2016, Sydney Circular Quay)


Green on Black (2015)
– accordion and projected images on 5 screens (premiered James Crabb, Tyalgum Music Festival)


Bruce’s Shed (2015)

– interactive installation for strings, lights and disused shed (in collaboration with Big hArt, John Taylor, Nicole Forsyth, Matthew Hoy; premiered Tasmanian International Arts Festival)

Chord I (2015)

– for percussion and camera in a given acoustic. Video work co-authored with Timothy Constable

Significant Other (2014)

– solo flute and 1960s radiogram (premiered by Janet McKay, Judith Wright Centre, Brisbane)

Shadow Box (2013)

– multimedia concert for recorder, accordion, sound design and interactive imagery (premiered Genevieve Lacey and James Crabb, Elder Hall, Adelaide, March 2014)

Bright Machines (2012)

– piano and interactive visuals (premiered Musica Viva, ‘Anatomy of Music’, 
Michael Kieran Harvey)

Saltstream (2011)

– 2 x piano, 6 x violins (Premiered Sydney Opera House, Michael Kieran Harvey and students from MLC School Burwood). Software and Design, Sam Harding and Tim Gruchy. Costumes Akira Isogawa.

Mourning Hours (2000)

– incidental music for dance film by Claire Dyson



Radiophonic Works


Tuning Orfeo (2007)

– radiophonic (premiere broadcast ABC Radio National)

Exquisite Blood (2007)

– radiophonic (premiered Seraphim Trio, ABC Classic FM)

Interview with the Artist as a Young Man (2006)

– radiophonic (premiered ABC Classic FM)

Selected Concert Works

Deep Water, Bright Trees (2021)

– Work for Choir and String Orchestra created in collaboration with Nardi Simpson, composed for Monte St Angelo.

A Match Struck Twice (2018)

– Large Orchestra, Solosit, Choir and Taiko Drums. Premiered Monte St Angelo School, Sydney November 2018.

Impossible Echoes (2018)

– Wind Symphony, premiered Bejing International School, Beijing May 2018, and Sydney Conservatorium of music, Sydney July 2018.

Visiting Eucalyptus (2018)

– mixed ensemble, premiered Four Winds Music Festival, Bermagui April 2018. Project Also included photographic installation and website.

Joy Dirt (2015)

– solo cello with piano and percussion (premiered SCEGGS)

Deviations on White (2014)

– vibraphone (season premiered by Claire Edwardes)

Slow Lullaby (2012)

– violin and piano (premiered MONA FOMA Festival 2013, Anna McMichael and Tamara Cislowska)

Bright Birds (2012)

– 2 x pianos (premiered Four Winds Festival, Sonia Lifschitz and Stephen Emmerson)

Radiance (2011)

– string orchestra, (premiered 2012, Sydney Con, Early Music Ensemble, Verbruggen Hall)

The Temptation of Christ (2011)

– choir and orchestra (premiered Thursday Island, for Queensland Music Festival, Queensland Youth Orchestra and local Indigenous singers)

Seven Shades of Sorrow (2011)

– 7 x harp (premiered 2011, ‘SHE’ harp ensemble dir Alice Giles, Campbelltown Arts Centre)

Silk Panels (2010)

– string quartet (premiered Ironwood Ensemble, Customs House Sydney)


Traité de la lumière (Treatise on Light) (2010)

– mixed ensemble (premiered Sydney Symphony Fellows)

Confession 2 (2009)

– recorder and sound design (premiered Genevieve Lacey, 
Huddersfield Festival UK)

Rock Paper Scissors (2009)

– mixed ensemble (premiered Queensland Music Festival)

Laid in Earth (2009)

– choir and mixed ensemble (premiered Sarah Blasko and others, Queensland Music Festival)

Poor Child (2009)

– soprano and piano (premiered Melbourne Recital Centre, Ian Potter Fellowship 

Star Cross (2009)

– violin and viola solo, string quartet, percussion and sound design (MLC School, Sydney Opera House)

God in the Machine (2007)

– string orchestra and percussion (premiered Nomad Ensemble, 2008, Finals Concert for the Takemitsu International Composer Award, Tokyo)

Valse Diploblastic (2007)

– violin, marimba and clothes dryer (premiered James Cuddeford and Claire Edwardes, Sydney)

Binary Fruitcake (2007)

– 2 x electric guitar (recorded by Toby Wren)

Prelude to the Elegant Universe (2007)

– recorder and string orchestra (premiered Genevieve Lacey and MLC School)

Figs (2003)

– song cycle for soprano and piano (recorded by Rowena Cowley and David Miller)

Elastic Horizons (2002)

– orchestra (premiered West Australian Symphony Orchestra)

Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow (2006)

– chamber opera, soprano and mixed ensemble

Filter (2000)

– orchestra (premiered Sydney Symphony Orchestra)

Fragment of Gratification (2000)

– piano (premiered Adam Pinto, Perth International Arts Festival)

Skullcracker: Concerto for electric violin and amplified super-orchestra (1999)

– (premiered Shenton Gregory and the Big Orchestra, ABC Ferry Rd, Brisbane for Compost)

Large-scale Projects and Director Roles


Clarity Engine - mini festival for Backstage Music (Sydney, Waterloo 2022)

Barbeler curated a one day mini festival "Clarity Engine", celebrating artistic obsession with 14 different artists presenting sculptural sound works with a live performance element. Also included an "Immersion Room" of 360 works for film and ambisonic sound. Presented by Backstage Music.

Rouse Hill Psychedelic Festival (Sydney, Rouse Hill, 2022)

Co-curated (with Alexis Weaver) a 2 day festival at the historic Rouse Hill Estate. The estate was in the 60s home to Psychedelic composer John Terry. This festival then celebrated diverse acts by passionate experimentalists of all kinds. 


Tropical Jam – Queensland Music Festival (Cairns, 2014)

A concert commissioned by the Queensland State Government Art for the G20 festival celebrations. I was Artistic Director and Music Arranger for this project which involved over 200 indigenous community musicians, with Christine Anu, James Morrison, the Queensland Youth Orchestra, a gospel choir rock band and rap artist Mau Power.

Ailan Kores at ‘The Winds of Zenadth’ Festival – Queensland Music Festival (2012)

The choir from the previous year’s Ailan Kores project gathered again to perform a concert on Thursday Island. Local traditional  and original songs were arranged in consultation with local musicians for Brisbane’s Topology Ensemble. The concert also starred singer Christine Anu performing my own arrangement of My Island Home.

Ailan Kores – Queensland Music Festival (2010/11)

A multifaceted community arts project where I undertook Music Director, Composer and Arranging roles. A combined choir was created from community singers from seven different islands in the Torres Strait. Local traditional songs were shared and arranged according to ideas derived from community consultation over an 18-month period. Culminated in a concert of works on Thursday Island, performed by the choir with professional production, and guest performers.

Laid in Earth – Queensland Music Festival (2008-09)

Music Director, Composer, Conductor and Arranging roles for a project culminating in a concert on the shores of the Endeavour River, Cooktown, with music performed by local community singers alongside professional musicians including Sarah Blasko, members of Ensemble Offspring and Daniel Rojas, alongside interactive visuals by Tim Gruchy.   

CD, DVD and Digital Releases

Shadow Box on ABC CD ‘Heard This and Thought of You’ (Genevieve Lacey, James Crabb 2015)


Confessions on UnSounds digital release ‘Open Polar Sea’ (Anna McMichael, violin 2014)

Confession 2 on ABC CD ‘Weaver of Fiction’ (Genevieve Lacey 2008)
To Rise on CD ‘Sea Children’ (The Australian Voices 2000)

Music included in Mrs Carey’s Concert on Madman Entertainment DVD (featured character and music, documentary     film by Bob Connolly and Sophie Raymond 2011)


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